seinfeld and colbert -- 4/21/23

Today's selection -- from Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Book by Jerry Seinfeld. Happiness, suffering, Seinfeld, and Colbert:
Stephen: How do you feel about happiness? Are you a ten? Where do you rank happiness on your priorities? 'Cause you said you like suffering.
Jerry: Very low. I think it's a foolish thing to pursue.
Stephen: I agree. Well, I don't know if it's foolish. It's pleasant. I think happiness is pleasant.
Jerry: I think it's irrelevant.
Stephen: But so is liquor.
Jerry: Huh?
Stephen: I think happiness is pleasant, but so is liquor. You know?
Jerry: That's right. Yeah.
Stephen: You can't take too much of it.
Jerry: No, people try to go for that. They don't realize, the only way to get that is to do something. There's a mechanism.
Stephen: Suffering is actually a pretty good way to get to happiness.
Jerry: Exactly. That would describe my whole perspective on life right there.
Stephen: Really?
Jerry: What you just said. That's what I meant when I said I know when I'm suf­fering, I'm headed to something good. Number one, I'm probably making someone else happy if I'm suffering.
Stephen: Mm-hmm.
Jerry: Like I'm suffering right now trying to make you happy.



Jerry Seinfeld


Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Book


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