advertisement for tobacco in 1917 -- 5/23/17

Today's selection -- from Scientific American. Scientific American was one of the most popular magazines of the early twentieth century. The excerpt below is the text in its entirety from a full-page ad for Prince Albert (P.A.) pipe tobacco in a 1917 edition of the magazine. It is clear from the ad that competitors were offering discount coupons for their pipe tobacco, so Prince Albert's claim is that its tobacco is so good that pipe smokers will want to throw away the other companies' coupons:

Prince Albert's quality gives joy that jams coupons right into the discard!

"Flashes such flavor and fragrance into your smoke-system so quick and so friendly-like; tips you to bang away so heartily via jimmy pipe or makin's cigarettes that you feel you must hire-a-hall and sing-a-song that'll be heard from Boston-to-Bombay!

"Prince Albert has won-in-a-walk without offering coupons or premiums. We have preferred to put their cost into quality! And, me-o-my, how smokers have come across and backed our judgment! Every P.A.-pal has wised up to his personal smoke-satisfac­tion that the speedier he opens up his smoke­-throttle the better he likes Prince Albert! For, its quality-flavor and quality-fragrance are right there -- and P.A. won't bite or won't parch, no matter how fast you push it! That's because our exclusive patented proc­ess cuts out bite and parch!

"Might just as well prove this say-so now;­ -- Every puff of Prince Albert has a quality tag tacked to it! Each fire-up goes you one better than the last! P.A. tunes your smokeappetite so cheery you hit a new excuse to fill 'er up again or roll-a-tube-or-two every little once and a while! Quality puts such go-to-it­ness into PRINCE ALBERT.

"Prince Albert has brought thousands of men to know the happiness of the pipe­pastime; it has swung many into the ranks­-of-the-rollers! It will win you on its down­right goodness, due to its quality, if you'll stand-by-for-a-spell and take at 100 per cent what we tell you about P. A., or what smok­ers all over the civilized world will tell you!

"Costs you mighty little to prove our confidence in what Prince Albert certainly can do for your smoke­-content. For, the toppy red bag costs but 5c; the tidy red tin, a dime. Or, take a fall out or the hand­some pound or half-pound tin humidors -- or -- that clever, practical pound crystal-glass humidor with sponge-moistener top that keeps the tobacco in such perfect condition.

"You buy Prince Albert everywhere -- like you find men in all walks of life smoking it -- everywhere!


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