we can do better than sean connery -- 7/17/20

Today's selection -- from Letters from Hollywood by Rocky Lang & Barbara Hall. In this terse wire, United Artists, the company funding the first James Bond film, rejected Sean Connery for the role:

"Harry Saltzman - Warwicfilm - London

"Blumofe reports New York did not care for Connery feels we can do better – Cubby

"With just a few Telexed words to his partner Harry Saltzman, the producer Albert 'Cubby' Broccoli sums up the progress on casting the leading role in Dr. No, the first film based on the popular James Bond novels by Ian Fleming. Though they were produced in England, the films were bankrolled by United Artists, and clearly UA was keeping an eye on its investment. Luckily for Bond fans everywhere, Robert Blumofe, UA's head of production, changed his mind about Sean Connery and approved his casting, though no doubt he would have preferred Cary Grant, who was also at one time under consideration for the part. One of the most durable franchises in movie history, the Bond films are still produced by Broccoli and Saltzrnan's company, Eon Productions."

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Rocky Lang & Barbara Hall


Letters from Hollywood: Inside the Private World of Classic American Moviemaking




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