04/11/07 - broadway

In today's encore excerpt - renowned author and screenwriter William Goldman comments on the difficulty of performing on Broadway:

"It is always wisest to try and see a show as soon as possible after it opens [because] most shows go to hell, sometimes quickly. ...

"You can't blame the actors for the deterioration. Doing the same precise thing eight times a week, 416 times a year, becomes numbing to the soul. ...

"Barry Nelson says, 'The longer you play the performance, the more your mind resents it. You're in the middle of a scene, and suddenly all you're thinking about is whether you should have Chinese food after the show.' ...

" 'I don't think any actor really likes long runs. I don't think humans were meant to do them.' "


William Goldman


The Season: A Candid Look at Broadway


Limelight Editions


Copyright 1969 by William Goldman


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